My cousin was diagnosed with Breast Cancer at the age of 51, it was a very tough thing for our family to go through. Luckily, my cousin was a fighter, she beat Cancer and has been Cancer free for 5 years.
Matthew K.
My grandmother, Barbara Jean Darnell, was a beautiful soul. Her fight with breast cancer lasted 7 years before she lost her battle. She went through all those years without the proper knowledge of how to survive. I’m sharing this because I appreciate what you guys at are doing to help create awareness. We can help the next person cope or be a support system for those going through the same things. Keep it up!
When I was diagnosed with Breast Cancer I thought my life was over, but it wasn’t! I fought hard, cried and went crazy but I’m still here! 7 years later I am an advocate for Breast cancer awareness and always will support women across the world.
Whitney R.
Earlier this year my mother went for her routine mammogram which included a sonogram of her breast. Not long after, she received a call from her doctor encouraging her to get a biopsy because they had found a suspicious mass. My mother didn’t want to alarm me so she tried to bring it up nonchalantly. I could tell that she was scared and so was I but the tables had turned and now I had to be her rock. I’ll never forget the day she called me to say that it was indeed cancer that they had found. I had just left a meeting at work. I pulled my car over and once we hung up I allowed myself five minutes to cry. My husband’s grandma passed from breast cancer and that was the order she gave her kids-cry for five minutes then remember all of the good times. We went into this diagnosis giving it all up to God. We agreed that depression was not going to help us. When we were worried, we prayed. When we were scared, we educated ourselves. When we were angry, we fought by advocating, educating and fundraising. Now here we are 2 lumpectomies and 6 weeks of radiation later. My mother returns for another mammogram in January 2015. My mom is a boss! We are using what could have been a horrible experience and turning it into a platform to help others. Just as cancer is relentless, we are too. We will continue to educate, advocate and raise funds for a cure!
Jessica R.