Due to Not Just October’s current capacity, all services are limited only to women who live in or very close to Summit County in Ohio.

General and Special Circumstance Aid

Not Just October is dedicated to not only increasing the awareness around breast cancer and its effects on families; but also to helping breast cancer patients, survivors, and their loved ones lead a more comfortable life.  Besides contributing to the research and development in the fight against breast cancer, we make it our mission to extend a helping and caring hand to those who have already been affected by the disease.

If you, or someone you know, is a victim of breast cancer and could use some form of assistance, or even just some uplifting company, please contact us.

Free Transportation Assistance

Unfortunately, frequent doctors appointments are a reality for women who are actively fighting breast cancer and even those who are survivors of the disease. Because we want women to avoid as much stress and difficulties as possible, we’ve partnered with Community Care on Wheels to provide completely free transportation to and from these appointments.

To schedule transportation for yourself or a loved one:

Call 330.785.3930 and Mention “Not Just October”

Free Lawn Mowing

Mowing the grass is a difficult task to get done even when you aren’t battling or recovering from breast cancer but a nicely groomed yard is not only a necessity, but also refreshing.  NJO wants to take one more thing off of the plates of survivors, fighters, and their families so we provide free lawn mowing and landscaping work to those in need of help.

To request free lawn mowing or landscaping:

Call Lavar Jacobs at 330.760.9956

Free Massages

The fight against breast cancer is a tough one.  The ladies who are fighting against breast cancer deserve frequent relaxation and a chance to be pampered while they’re in treatment.  NJO has partnered with Endless Relaxation and I Got Your Back Massages to provide women who are currently battling breast cancer with 2 free massages per month.

To schedule free massages with either provider:

Call  330.208.8232

Free Life Coaching

Returning to work and the general daily grind of life after winning the fight against breast cancer can be extremely difficult.  NJO wants survivors to have as much help as possible during this difficult time.  We’ve partnered with Kat Hoyer at Compose Coaching to offer free life coaching for women dealing with the return to everyday life from treatment.  Don’t do it alone, let Kat help you!

If you or someone you know is interested in life coaching:

Call  330.760.9956

Free Snow Plowing/Shoveling

NJO was founded in the heart of Northeast Ohio so we understand the challenges of doing anything when the streets and driveways are packed full of snow and ice.  We’ve partnered with Evans Lawn Services to make sure that women who are currently fighting breast cancer are able to get out of the house easier when Winter is in full swing by providing free snow plowing and/or shoveling.

If you or a family member are in need of our snow cleaning services:

Call Lavar Jacobs at 330.760.9956