Dr. Judit Puskas: Making Breast Implants Better in More Ways Than One

Part of Not Just Octobers’ mission is to encourage and sponsor research.  Through continuous research efforts and discovery, doctors and scientists are constantly getting closer to more effective cancer treatments and hopefully, a cure for the disease.  While there are doctors and scientists all over the world making a difference in the fight against breast cancer, NJO is most connected to those who are leading the charge right here in our own backyard.  In Northeast Ohio, Dr. Judit Puskas is hard at work developing an innovative way to not only make breast cancer treatment more effective, but also make it less miserable for patients.

Dr. Puskas is a professor of chemical and biomolecular engineering at the University of Akron.  A skilled researcher and passionate scientist, Dr. Puskas has dedicated her life to innovation in materials science, especially as they relate to medicine.  For more than 15 years, Puskas and her colleagues have been working to bring a high quality multi-purpose breast implant to market.  For the several thousands of women in America who receive breast reconstruction surgery, these implants could mean the difference between a longer life and unbearable illness.

Dr. Puskas believes that her developments could be the answer to reducing the amount of women who are forced to receive repair or removal surgeries for breasts that they have had reconstructed.  While on her mission to create a more durable and safe breast implant material, Judit found that her uniquely constructed implant could also be used to detect cancer and deliver medicines into the body for cancer treatment and discomfort relief.    Dr. Puskas says that the implant could greatly minimize the negative impact of today’s breast cancer treatments by localizing the delivery of medicine, rather than allowing it reach the rest of the patient’s body. This special polymer is related to an earlier material that was previously used in drug-eluting stents that prevented arteries from becoming clogged.

Since Judit Puskas began her work on this project, she has continuously sought out funding from any source that may be available.  Already, she’s earned $4 million for research in Canada and $10 million since joining the University of Akron among a host of other awards from various organizations and institutions.  Still, Judit is working tirelessly to make her dream of a new and improved breast implant a reality while still teaching and working on other important scientific research efforts.  It is the unmatched dedication of people like Judit Puskas that continues to inspire us at Not Just October and we are more than happy to support these efforts in any way that we can.


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