Aid Request

Not Just October is dedicated to not only increasing the awareness around breast cancer and its effects on families; but also to helping breast cancer patients, survivors, and their loved ones lead a more comfortable life.  Besides contributing to the research and development in the fight against breast cancer, we make it our mission to extend a helping and caring hand to those who have already been affected by the disease.

Through strategic partnerships and community volunteers, NJO has been able to help a number of families already.  If you, or someone you know, is a victim of breast cancer and could use some form of assistance, or even just some uplifting company, please contact us.


Self Exam

One of the most important steps in the fight against breast cancer is staying on top of your health, especially by performing monthly self breast exams.  This very simple step in maintaining your health and knowing your body could have a huge impact on your ability to detect cancer early on and to be effective in getting rid of it.

Self exams take just moments to do and don’t require any special knowledge, tools, or even location.  We even have an easy guide right here on our site, and information about other critical health maintenance activities every woman should know about.

Want to help out?

Are you interested in helping Not Just October?  We welcome any volunteers, organization partnerships, or ideas for new initiatives that help NJO accomplish our goals.